COVID-19 Updates

TMEA music events and meetings scheduled from March 16th through 29th are to be suspended.
Decisions on the impact of COVID-19 on all future TMEA events and competitions will be communicated as they become available.


What the Law Says


State Board Rule

Fine arts education holds a prominent place in state law and State Board rule governing the required curriculum for Texas students. TMEA is committed to ensuring the continued presence of music education in the required curriculum for all students at every grade level. 

Relevant Organizations

More specific detail on law and rule may be available on the following organizations' websites:

Texas Education Agency

State Board for Educator Certification

Texas Legislature

U.S. Department of Education

University Interscholastic League

TEA-UIL Side-by-Side

Legislation News

USDE Waives Certification Requirement: US Department of Education granted a waiver to TEA for single-subject elementary teachers to not be required to take and pass a generalist exam if they had passed a state-approved exam in the subject area they teach. Learn more

Leading to and during an active state legislative session, TMEA distributes information to those interested in and supportive of fine arts education through the GoArts website. To receive updates and information that can help you support fine arts education with your state leaders, register with GoArts as a supporter.