COVID-19 Updates

TMEA music events and meetings scheduled from March 16th through 29th are to be suspended.
Decisions on the impact of COVID-19 on all future TMEA events and competitions will be communicated as they become available.

All active TMEA college student members are invited to enter the Southwestern Musician Essay Contest for College Students. The contest will be divided into two divisions: undergraduate and graduate. Applicants must be full- or part-time students during the fall semester, must be a music major, and must hold an active College Student membership in TMEA (or Active membership if a graduate student and teaching). 

If you are not currently an Active TMEA member, join or renew your existing membership now . . .


1.Prompts: Students entering this contest may choose to address one of the following prompts:  

  • Identify one or more benefits of a music education. Explain how/why it is beneficial and/or provide examples of what it might look like in a school environment.
  • Specify a challenge in teaching music. Identify strategies used by experts to address the challenge, or propose a solution of your own.
  • Select another topic appropriate for publication as an article in Southwestern Musician. Articles may focus on band, choir, orchestra, general music, or research, but the information should be relevant for a majority of our members. 

2.Length: Articles should not exceed 1,500 words and should contain no references to the author by name. Only a single submission per member will be accepted.

3.Cover page: Articles should be submitted with a cover page listing the author’s name, address, college or university attending, indication of undergraduate or graduate status and current TMEA number. Note: References to the author by name should only appear on the cover page.

4.Delivery instructions: All articles must be sent via e-mail and received in the TMEA office no later than December 1. E-mail the essay to both Robert Floyd and Karen Cross at and

5.Judging: The Article Review Committee of Southwestern Musician will judge the articles and may award first, second, and third places in each division (dependent on number and quality of submissions). Winning articles will be considered for publication in Southwestern Musician based on space availability. All articles become the property of TMEA.

6.Awards: First-place winners will receive $500. Second-place winners will receive $400, and third place winners will receive $300, based on the number and quality of submissions.