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Below is a list of Honor Band entries and results received as of 5/24/2015 at 9:53:04 AM. Results are available after the region/area hearings are complete and the information has been sent to TMEA.

Entry list by classification.

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Area A Hearing: Thursday, June 25, 2015, Keller Central HS - Kevin McNulty, Chair
Region 1
Region 1 Hearing: Wednesday, June 3, 2015, Amarillo HS
Class 5A
Honor winds, Canyon HS, Canyon ISD
Michael Sheffield, Director

Caprock High School Honor Band, Caprock HS, Amarillo ISD
Samuel Labordus, Director

Honors Band, Hereford HS, Hereford ISD
Robert Hinds, Director

Symphonic Band, Palo Duro HS, Amarillo ISD
Ismael Alfaro, Director

Randall Winds, Randall HS, Canyon ISD
Ginger Denney, Director

Class 3A
Tulia HS Band, Tulia HS, Tulia ISD
Brandon Haynes, Director

Class 3C
Travis Middle School Symphonic Band, Travis MS, Amarillo ISD
Anthony Rivera, Director

Class 2C
Bonham Symphonic Band, Bonham MS, Amarillo ISD
Mike Ellis, Director

Crockett Middle School Honors Band, Crockett MS, Amarillo ISD
Justin Nuckols, Director

Region 2
Region 2 Hearing: Thursday, June 11, 2015, Central HS
Class 5A
Wind Ensemble, Azle HS, Azle ISD
Shawn Murphy, Director

Symphonic Band, Boswell HS, Eagle Mt-Saginaw ISD
David Kirkley, Director

Wind Symphony, Brewer HS, White Settlement ISD
Stephen Shadman, Director

Chisholm Trail High School Wind Ensemble, Chisholm Trail HS, Eagle Mt-Saginaw ISD
John Canfield, Director

Wind Ensemble, Denton HS, Denton ISD
Brian Wilson, Director

Saginaw High School Band, Saginaw HS, Eagle Mt-Saginaw ISD
Matthew Pearson, Director

Class 3A
Breckenridge HS Band, Breckenridge HS, Breckenridge ISD
Dane Richardson, Director

Callisburg Wildcat Band, Callisburg HS, Callisburg ISD
Odis Bonner, Director

High School Band, City View JH/HS, City View ISD
Terah Shawver, Director

Wind Ensemble, Holliday HS, Holliday ISD
Melanie Hadderton, Director

Class 3C
Wind Ensemble, Fossil Hill MS, Keller ISD
Darlene Janeski, Director

Wind Ensemble, Hillwood MS, Keller ISD
Dale Pfrimmer, Director

Wind Ensemble, Indian Springs MS, Keller ISD
David Puckett, Director

Wind Ensemble, Keller MS, Keller ISD
Jedidiah Maus, Director

Honors Band, Trinity Springs MS, Keller ISD
Dean Surface, Director

Class 2C
Red Band, Argyle MS, Argyle ISD
Evan Fletcher, Director

Wind Ensemble, Crownover MS, Denton ISD
Christin Bunch, Director

McMath Tiger Band, McMath MS, Denton ISD
Travis Harris, Director

Wind Ensemble, Timberview MS, Keller ISD
Bethni Lown, Director

Region 16
Region 16 Hearing: Saturday, June 6, 2015, Frenship HS
Class 5A
Wind Symphony, Cooper HS, Abilene ISD
Clay Johnson, Director

Lubbock High School Honor Band, Lubbock HS, Lubbock ISD
Abby Crawford, Director

Class 3A
Denver City Mustang Band, Denver City HS, Denver City ISD
Jerry Rodriquez, Director

Littlefield High School Band, Littlefield HS, Littlefield ISD
Bonnie Anderson, Director

Symphonic Band, Shallowater HS, Shallowater ISD
Donald Summersgill, Director

Class 2C
Frenship MS Gold Band, Frenship MS, Frenship ISD
June Bearden, Director

Wind Ensemble, Irons MS, Lubbock ISD
Timothy King, Director

MS Honor Band, Lubbock-Cooper MS, Lubbock-Cooper ISD
Barry Morgan, Director

Region 24
Region 24 Hearing: Friday, June 12, 2015, Wakeland HS
Class 5A
Wind Symphony, Centennial HS, Frisco ISD
Andy Rein, Director

Wind Symphony, Frisco HS, Frisco ISD
Gregory Hayes, Director

Heritage HS Wind Ensemble, Heritage HS, Frisco ISD
Jason Prasifka, Director

Wind Ensemble, Independence HS, Frisco ISD
Chris Cansler, Director

Liberty HS Wind Ensemble, Liberty HS, Frisco ISD
Jamie Weaver, Director

Wind Ensemble, Little Elm HS, Little Elm ISD
Frank Felice, Director

Lone Star High School Wind Symphony, Lone Star HS, Frisco ISD
Timothy Golden, Director

Wind Symphony, Wakeland HS, Frisco ISD
Gerard Miller, Director

Class 3C
Wind Symphony, Briarhill MS, Lewisville ISD
Michael Beavers, Director

Dawson Middle School Wind Ensemble, Dawson MS, Carroll ISD
Rebecca Click, Director

Honor Winds, McKamy MS, Lewisville ISD
Russ Cote, Director

Stafford Honor Band, Sue Wilson Stafford MS, Frisco ISD
Christian Holzer, Director

Vandeventer Symphonic band, Vandeventer MS, Frisco ISD
Joseph Guzman, Director

Class 2C
Honors Band, Arbor Creek MS, Lewisville ISD
Rylon Guidry, Director

Honor Band, Colleyville MS, Grapevine-Colleyville ISD
Paul Schmidt, Director

Honor Winds, Creek Valley MS, Lewisville ISD
Kim Cooley, Director

Symphonic Band, Forestwood MS, Lewisville ISD
Debra Haburay, Director

Symphonic Band, Fowler MS-Frisco, Frisco ISD
David Dunham, Director

Wind Ensemble, Griffin MS, Lewisville ISD
Leigh McClain, Director

Hedrick Middle School Honors Band, Hedrick MS, Lewisville ISD
Nathan Cooley, Director

Symphonic Band, Hunt MS, Frisco ISD
Kristen Dillard, Director

Honors Band, Killian MS, Lewisville ISD
Robert Chilton, Director

Maus Middle School Wind Ensemble, Maus MS, Frisco ISD
Katherine Lewis, Director

Shadow Ridge Honor Winds, Shadow Ridge MS, Lewisville ISD
Christopher Meredith, Director

Symphonic Band, Wester MS, Frisco ISD
Brad Smith, Director

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Area B Hearing: Friday, June 26, 2015, Keller Central HS - Kevin McNulty, Chair
Region 5
Region 5 Hearing: Saturday, June 6, 2015, Martin HS
Class 5A
Birdville High School Wind Ensemble, Birdville HS, Birdville ISD
Michael Cheripka, Director

Wind Symphony, Legacy HS, Mansfield ISD
Glenn Fugett, Director

Wind Symphony, Mansfield Timberview HS, Mansfield ISD
Paul Heuer, Director

Summit Wind Symphony, Summit HS, Mansfield ISD
Bradley Bonebrake, Director

Class 3C
Honors Band, Brooks Wester MS, Mansfield ISD
Nathan Wood, Director

Honor Band, Howard MS, Mansfield ISD
Nathaniel Neugent, Director

Danny Jones Wind Ensemble, Jones MS, Mansfield ISD
Eric Bolden, Director

Class 2C
Honors Band, Haltom MS, Birdville ISD
David Burks, Director

Honors Band, North Oaks MS, Birdville ISD
Tony Smith, Director

Honors Band, North Richland MS, Birdville ISD
Matthew Cho, Director

North Ridge MS Honors Band, North Ridge MS, Birdville ISD
James Smith, Director

Honor Winds Band, Richland MS, Birdville ISD
Russell Porter, Director

Symphonic Band, Smithfield MS, Birdville ISD
Ramsey MacDonald, Director

The Symphonic Winds, Watauga MS, Birdville ISD
Jason Finnels, Director

Region 6
Region 6 Hearing: Sunday, June 7, 2015, Permian HS
Class 3A
Crane High School Band, Crane HS, Crane ISD
Daniel Todd, Director

Class 3C
Honor Winds, Glenn MS, San Angelo ISD
Adam Chappell, Director

Honor Winds, Lee MS, San Angelo ISD
George Clark, Director

Class 2C
Big Spring JH "A" Band, Big Spring JH, Big Spring ISD
Rocky Harris, Director

Honor Band, The Lincoln MS, San Angelo ISD
Elgin Gregg, Director

Region 7
Region 7 Hearing: Saturday, June 6, 2015, Aledo HS
Class 5A
Aledo High School Wind Ensemble, Aledo HS, Aledo ISD
Joey Paul, Director

Burleson High School Wind Ensemble, Burleson HS, Burleson ISD
Joe McGee, Director

Wind Symphony, Centennial HS, Burleson ISD
Michael Cox, Director

Granbury High School Wind Ensemble, Granbury HS, Granbury ISD
Mark Eastin, Director

Southwest HS Wind Symphony, Southwest HS, Fort Worth ISD
Stacey Dunn, Director

Class 3A
Ballinger Bearcat Band, Ballinger HS, Ballinger ISD
Janet Wilson, Director

Bangs Dragon Band, Bangs HS, Bangs ISD
Ron Luedke, Director

Glen Rose HS Symphonic Band, Glen Rose HS, Glen Rose ISD
Ray Portillo, Director

Bronco Band, Sonora HS, Sonora ISD
David Andrus, Director

Wall Hawk Band, Wall HS, Wall ISD
Travis Hobson, Director

Class 3C
Aledo MS Honor Winds, Aledo MS, Aledo ISD
Joey Qualls, Director

Symphonic Band, Wedgwood MS, Fort Worth ISD
Michael Dawson, Director

Class 2C
Honors Band, Acton MS, Granbury ISD
John Morgan, Director

Honors Band, Kennedale JH, Kennedale ISD
Benjamin Brown, Director

Smith Middle School Wind Ensemble, Smith MS, Cleburne ISD
Matthew Hiller, Director

Region 22
Region 22 Hearing: Saturday, June 13, 2015, Franklin HS @ 1pm
Class 5A
Del Valle HS Wind Ensemble, Del Valle HS, Ysleta ISD
Armando Martinez, Director

J.M. Hanks HS, Hanks HS, Ysleta ISD
Horacio Gomez, Director

Class 3C
Lincoln Symphonic Band, Lincoln MS, El Paso ISD
Anthony Sanchez, Director

Class 2C
Symphonic Band, Indian Ridge MS, Ysleta ISD
Raul Chavira, Director

Area: A | B | C | D | E | F | G

Area C Hearing: Friday, June 26, 2015, Keller Central HS - Kevin McNulty, Chair
Region 3
Region 3 Hearing: Wednesday, June 10, 2015, North Mesquite HS
Class 5A
Forney HS Wind Ensemble, Forney HS, Forney ISD
Mark Poole, Director

Wind Ensemble, North Forney HS, Forney ISD
Mack Wood, Director

Honors Band, Poteet HS, Mesquite ISD
Cody Newman, Director

Wind Ensemble, Rockwall-Heath HS, Rockwall ISD
Andrew Tucker, Director

Class 3A
Symphonic Band, Commerce HS, Commerce ISD
Dave Polk, Director

Sunnyvale High School Concert Band, Sunnyvale HS, Sunnyvale ISD
Mark Conaway, Director

Class 3C
Honors Band, Brandenburg MS, Garland ISD
James Palmer, Director

Symphonic Band I, Brown MS, Forney ISD
Laura Lewis, Director

Honors Band, Coyle MS, Garland ISD
Rene Lira, Director

Advanced Band, Kimbrough MS, Mesquite ISD
Chris Brown, Director

Symphonic Band, Lake Highlands JH, Richardson ISD
Morgan Cartwright, Director

Symphonic Band, Liberty JH, Richardson ISD
Christopher Pineda, Director

Warren Middle School Band, Warren MS, Forney ISD
Cody Russell, Director

Class 2C
Symphonic Band I, Apollo JH, Richardson ISD
Andrew Weak, Director

Austin Academy Honors Band, Austin Academy for Excellence, Garland ISD
Margaret Wis, Director

Symphonic Band, Parkhill JH, Richardson ISD
Aleksandra Blankenship, Director

Symphonic Band, Richardson North JH, Richardson ISD
Kristin Hames, Director

Region 4
Region 4 Hearing: Tuesday, June 2, 2015, TBA
Class 5A
Texas High School Symphonic Band, Texas HS, Texarkana ISD
Arnie Lawson, Director

Class 3A
Eagle Band, New Diana HS, New Diana ISD
George Little, Director

White Oak, White Oak HS, White Oak ISD
Jason Steele, Director

Class 3C
Marshall Junior High School Honor Band, Marshall JH, Marshall ISD
Aaron Zeller, Director

Pine Tree Junior High School Band, Pine Tree JH, Pine Tree ISD
Mark Perry, Director

Region 21
Region 21 Hearing: Wednesday, June 10, 2015, Jacksonville ISD - Nichols
Class 5A
Hallsville Wind Ensemble, Hallsville HS, Hallsville ISD
Sherri Morgan, Director

Lindale High School Wind Ensemble, Lindale HS, Lindale ISD
Steven Moore, Director

Class 3A
Elkhart HS Band, Elkhart HS, Elkhart ISD
James Canaday, Director

West Rusk High School Band, West Rusk HS, West Rusk ISD
Grady Haffner, Director

Class 3C
hallsville junior high wind ensemble, Hallsville JH, Hallsville ISD
Jerry Smith, Director

Class 2C
Carthage Junior High Varsity Band, Carthage JH, Carthage ISD
Michelle King, Director

Symphonic Band, Lindale JH, Lindale ISD
Bene Davis, Director

Region 25
Region 25 Hearing: Thursday, June 11, 2015, Allen HS
Class 5A
Symphonic Wind Ensemble, McKinney HS, McKinney ISD
Ken Ringel, Director

Honors Band, McKinney North HS, McKinney ISD
Alan Harkey, Director

Wind Ensemble, Prosper HS, Prosper ISD
John Alstrin, Director

Sherman High School Wind Ensemble, Sherman HS, Sherman ISD
Ryan Jenkins, Director

Wind Symphony, Wylie East HS, Wylie (Wylie) ISD
Glenn Lambert, Director

Wind Symphony, Wylie HS, Wylie (Wylie) ISD
Todd Dixon, Director

Class 3A
Gunter High School Band, Gunter HS, Gunter ISD
Justin Wallis, Director

Howe HS Symphonic Band, Howe HS, Howe ISD
Angela Liss, Director

Class 3C
Burnett Wind Ensemble, Burnett JH, Wylie (Wylie) ISD
Ross Patterson, Director

Honors Band, Cockrill MS, McKinney ISD
Gary Williams, Director

Honors Band, Cooper JH, Wylie (Wylie) ISD
Adam Powell, Director

Symphonic 1 Band, Dowell MS, McKinney ISD
Tiffany Lisko, Director

Symphonic 1 Band, Evans MS, McKinney ISD
Brittney Williams, Director

Symphonic I Band, Faubion MS, McKinney ISD
Brian Beck, Director

Wind Ensemble, Murphy MS, Plano ISD
Nick Seibert, Director

Wind Symphony, Reynolds MS, Prosper ISD
Laura Bell, Director

Wind Ensemble, Rice MS, Plano ISD
Jason Tucker, Director

Wind Ensemble, Robinson MS, Plano ISD
Kimberly Hernandez, Director

Class 2C
Bowman MS Wind Ensemble, Bowman MS, Plano ISD
Mark Caspersen, Director

Wind Ensemble, Carpenter MS, Plano ISD
Kathleen Zeier, Director

Wind Ensemble, Haggard MS, Plano ISD
David Fortenberry, Director

Wind Ensemble, Schimelpfenig MS, Plano ISD
Robert Straka, Director

Area: A | B | C | D | E | F | G

Area D Hearing: Thursday, June 25, 2015, Spring HS; Gabe Musella, Host
Region 8
Region 8 Hearing: Tuesday, June 9, 2015, Bryan HS
Class 3A
Blooming Grove HS Band, Blooming Grove HS, Blooming Grove ISD
Jonathan Bass, Director

Bulldog Pride Band, McGregor HS, McGregor ISD
Timothy Grace, Director

Rice High School Band, Rice HS, Rice (Rice) ISD
Bill Anthony, Director

Teague Lion Band, Teague HS, Teague ISD
Cari Martin, Director

Troy High School Band, Troy School, Troy ISD
Rustin Honeycutt, Director

Class 3C
College Station MS Symphonic Band, College Station MS, College Station ISD
Greg Montgomery, Director

Class 2C
Tennyson MS Honors Band, Tennyson MS, Waco ISD
Kimberly Tucker, Director

Region 9
Region 9 Hearing: Wednesday, June 10, 2015, Klein Oak HS
Class 5A
Magnolia West HS Wind Ensemble, Magnolia West HS, Magnolia ISD
John Crofton, Director

Wind Symphony, Tomball Memorial HS, Tomball ISD
Andrew Easton, Director

Willis HS Wind Ensemble, Willis HS, Willis ISD
Chris Allen, Director

Class 3C
Doerre Symphonic Band, Doerre IS, Klein ISD
Matthew Fehl, Director

Honor Band, Hildebrandt IS, Klein ISD
Tony Yarbrough, Director

Wind Ensemble, Irons JH, Conroe ISD
Joshua Gibson, Director

Wind Ensemble, Knox JH, Conroe ISD
Jennifer Dillard, Director

Wind Ensemble, McCullough JH, Conroe ISD
Susan Meyer Patterson, Director

Symphonic Band, Twin Creeks MS, Spring ISD
Austin Swack, Director

Honor Band, Willow Wood JH, Tomball ISD
Jim Shaw, Director

Wind Ensemble, York JH, Conroe ISD
Amanda Brodie Pritchard, Director

Class 2C
Brabham Middle School Honor Band, Brabham MS, Willis ISD
Joseph Dittfurth, Director

Symphonic Band, Dueitt MS, Spring ISD
Christopher Gonzales, Director

Honor Band, Lucas MS, Willis ISD
John Hicks, Director

Region 20
Region 20 Hearing: Monday, June 8, 2015, Duncanville HS
Class 5A
Ennis High School Symphonic 1, Ennis HS, Ennis ISD
Gary Goodwin, Director

Red Oak High School Wind Ensemble, Red Oak HS, Red Oak ISD
Steven Moss, Director

Waxahachie Wind Ensemble, Waxahachie HS, Waxahachie ISD
Richard Armstrong, Director

Class 3C
Byrd Symphonic I Band, Byrd MS, Duncanville ISD
Kevin Graham, Director

Ennis Middle School Wind Ensemble, Ennis JH, Ennis ISD
David Ingram, Director

Kennemer MS Symphonic I Band, Kennemer MS, Duncanville ISD
Luzviminda Pascasio, Director

Walnut Grove MS Honor Band, Walnut Grove MS, Midlothian ISD
Angelyn Seppeler, Director

Class 2C
Coppell MS North Honor Winds, Coppell MS North, Coppell ISD
Jeremy Lindquist, Director

Coppell MS West Honor Winds, Coppell MS West, Coppell ISD
Greg McCutcheon, Director

Symphonic I, Finley JH, Waxahachie ISD
Ryan DeLaGarza, Director

Reed Middle School Symphonic I, Reed MS, Duncanville ISD
Michelle Hanegan, Director

Region 26
Region 26 Hearing: Tuesday, June 9, 2015, Westwood HS
Class 5A
Georgetown High School Wind Symphony, Georgetown HS, Georgetown ISD
Cliff Croomes, Director

Leander Wind Ensemble, Leander HS, Leander ISD
Nils Gundersen, Director

Vandegrift High School Wind Ensemble, Vandegrift HS, Leander ISD
Mike Howard, Director

Wind Ensemble, Vista Ridge HS, Leander ISD
Bryan Christian, Director

Class 3A
Florence High School Band, Florence HS, Florence ISD
Thomas Pena, Director

Lago Vista Viking Band, Lago Vista HS, Lago Vista ISD
Patricio Ruiz, Director

Rockdale High School Big Blue Band, Rockdale HS, Rockdale ISD
Adrian Acevedo, Director

Class 3C
Canyon Ridge Middle School Honor Band, Canyon Ridge MS, Leander ISD
Amy Allison, Director

Honors Band, Canyon Vista MS, Round Rock ISD
Ryan Johnstone, Director

Symphonic Band, Cedar Park MS, Leander ISD
Manuel San Luis, Director

Honors Band, Cedar Valley MS, Round Rock ISD
Jane Botkin, Director

CTMS Honor Band, Chisholm Trail MS, Round Rock ISD
Tracey Redus, Director

Walsh MS Honor Band, Walsh MS, Round Rock ISD
Russell Jones, Director

Class 2C
Honors Band, Deerpark MS, Round Rock ISD
Rasheed Akande, Director

Forbes Middle School Honors Wind Ensemble, Forbes MS, Georgetown ISD
Jackie Fullerton, Director

Four Points Middle School Wind Ensemble, Four Points MS, Leander ISD
Christopher Yee, Director

Grisham Middle School Honors Band, Grisham MS, Round Rock ISD
Damian Gonzales, Director

Stiles MS Honors Band, Stiles MS, Leander ISD
Darcy Potter Williams, Director

Area: A | B | C | D | E | F | G

Area E Hearing: Thursday, June 25, 2015, Canyon HS, New Braunfels; Jason Adam, Host (Date Revised)
Region 11
Region 11 Hearing: Saturday, June 13, 2015, Stevens HS
Class 5A
Boerne-Champion HS Band, Champion HS, Boerne ISD
Kevin Arnott, Director

Harlandale High School Wind Ensemble, Harlandale HS, Harlandale ISD
Raul Escobar, Director

Tivy High School Honor Band, Tivy HS, Kerrville ISD
Martin Lenard, Director

Class 3C
Hector Garcia Honor Band, Dr. Hector P. Garcia MS, Northside (San Antonio) ISD
Guerrina Esparza, Director

Wind Ensemble, McNair MS, Southwest ISD
Ramsey Hanson, Director

Spike Band, Peterson MS, Kerrville ISD
Susie Jaksik, Director

Wind Ensemble, Stevenson MS, Northside (San Antonio) ISD
Joslyn Munoz, Director

Symphonic Band, Stinson MS, Northside (San Antonio) ISD
Alex Melendez, Director

Wind Ensemble, Vale MS, Northside (San Antonio) ISD
Brian Ruiz, Director

Class 2C
Briscoe MS Band, Briscoe MS, Northside (San Antonio) ISD
Ray Flores, Director

Symphonic Band, Floresville MS, Floresville ISD
John Curtin, Director

Wind Ensemble, Folks MS, Northside (San Antonio) ISD
Carolyn Ireland, Director

Region 12
Region 12 Hearing: Thursday, June 11, 2015, Alamo Heights HS
Class 5A
Brackenridge High School Honor Wind Ensemble, Brackenridge HS, San Antonio ISD
Alfonso Alvarado, Director

Seguin High School Wind Ensemble, Seguin HS, Seguin ISD
Stephen Vaden, Director

Class 3A
Luling Symphonic Band, Luling HS, Luling ISD
Coral Rios, Director

Randolph Concert Band, Randolph HS, Randolph Field ISD
Hector Perez, Director

Class 3C
Honor Band, Bradley MS, North East ISD
Emily Gurwitz, Director

Bush Honors Band, Bush MS, North East ISD
Gabriel Rosas, Director

Corbett JH Honor Band, Corbett JH, Schertz-Cibolo-U City ISD
Kirstin Garrison, Director

Dobie JH Honor Band, Dobie JH, Schertz-Cibolo-U City ISD
William Daniel, Director

Harris Middle School Honors Band, Harris MS, North East ISD
Marianne White, Director

Honors Band, Kitty Hawk MS, Judson ISD
Lacy Lansford, Director

Longfellow Honor Band, Longfellow MS, San Antonio ISD
George Tullos, Director

Lopez MS Band, Lopez MS, North East ISD
Kim Garza, Director

Wind Ensemble, Tejeda MS, North East ISD
Bernard Rosenberg, Director

Class 2C
Driscoll Honors Band, Driscoll MS, North East ISD
Richard Gonzalez, Director

Washington Irving Honor Band, Irving MS, San Antonio ISD
Gilbert Sanchez, Director

Honors Band, Jackson MS, North East ISD
Edwardo Rios, Director

Honors Band, Metzger MS, Judson ISD
John Robertson, Director

Wind Ensemble, Spring Branch MS, Comal ISD
Cody Richardson, Director

Honors Band, "Tex" Hill MS, North East ISD
Kim Rosenberg, Director

Region 18
Region 18 Hearing: Tuesday, June 9, 2015, Anderson HS
Class 5A
Honors Band, Connally HS, Pflugerville ISD
Marcos Telles, Director

Wind Ensemble, Dripping Springs HS, Dripping Springs ISD
Keith Lancaster, Director

Wind Ensemble, McCallum HS, Austin ISD
Carol Nelson, Director

Class 3A
Band, Hallettsville HS, Hallettsville ISD
Colin Chichurka, Director

Class 3C
Bailey Middle School Wind Ensemble, Bailey MS, Austin ISD
Sara McGarry, Director

Wind Ensemble, Dripping Springs MS, Dripping Springs ISD
Jay Larson, Director

Wind Ensemble, Gorzycki MS, Austin ISD
Mandi McCasland, Director

Kelly Lane MS Wind Ensemble, Kelly Lane MS, Pflugerville ISD
Cynthia Mixon, Director

Wind Ensemble, Murchison MS, Austin ISD
Whitney Crowley, Director

Wind Ensemble, Pflugerville MS, Pflugerville ISD
Shauna Satrom, Director

Class 2C
Symphonic Band, Hill Country MS, Eanes ISD
Cheryl Floyd, Director

Symphonic Winds, Lamar MS, Austin ISD
James Hairston, Director

Wind Ensemble, Park Crest MS, Pflugerville ISD
Rick Lucio, Director

Smithville JH Band, Smithville JH, Smithville ISD
Dianna King, Director

Wind Ensemble, Wallace MS, Hays ISD
James Malik, Director

Wind Ensemble, West Ridge MS, Eanes ISD
Susan Glover, Director

Region 27
Region 27 Hearing: Saturday, June 6, 2015, Cypress Ranch HS Band Hall
Class 5A
Brenham High School Symphonic Band, Brenham HS, Brenham ISD
Eric Rettig, Director

Wind Ensemble, Waller HS, Waller ISD
Grant McWilliams, Director

Class 3C
Symphonic Band, Aragon MS, Cypress-Fairbanks ISD
Warren Seago, Director

Symphonic Band, Campbell MS, Cypress-Fairbanks ISD
Scott McAdow, Director

Symphonic I Band, Cook MS, Cypress-Fairbanks ISD
Michael Dick, Director

Symphonic Band, Goodson MS, Cypress-Fairbanks ISD
Alexander Hinojosa, Director

Symphonic Band, Kahla MS, Cypress-Fairbanks ISD
Bernadette Walls, Director

Labay Symphonic Band, Labay MS, Cypress-Fairbanks ISD
Cindy Casillas, Director

Symphonic 1 Band, Salyards MS, Cypress-Fairbanks ISD
Joe Glass, Director

Symphonic Band, Spillane MS, Cypress-Fairbanks ISD
Thomas Harrington, Director

Symphonic Band, Thornton MS, Cypress-Fairbanks ISD
Amanda Doyle, Director

Class 2C
Wind Ensemble, Schultz JH, Waller ISD
Alicia Vause, Director

Symphonic Band, Smith MS, Cypress-Fairbanks ISD
Steven Silva, Director

Wind Ensemble, Waller JH, Waller ISD
Sandra Smith, Director

Area: A | B | C | D | E | F | G

Area F Hearing: Friday, June 26, 2015, Spring HS; Gabe Musella, Host (Date Revised)
Region 10
Region 10 Hearing: Wednesday, June 3, 2015, Bridge City HS
Class 5A
Nederland HS Honors Band, Nederland HS, Nederland ISD
Gregory Rose, Director

Wind Ensemble, Port Neches-Groves HS, Port Neches-Groves ISD
Alex Wells, Director

Wind Ensemble, Vidor High School, Vidor HS, Vidor ISD
Donald Rollins, Director

Class 3A
Anahuac High School Band, Anahuac HS, Anahuac ISD
Michael Brodowski, Director

Kountze High School Band, Kountze HS, Kountze ISD
Robert Fife, Director

Class 2C
Bridge City Middle School Honors Band, Bridge City MS, Bridge City ISD
Tami Goss, Director

C.O.Wilson MS Honors Band, C.O.Wilson MS, Nederland ISD
Justin Collazo, Director

Central Middle School Symphonic Band, Central MS, Nederland ISD
Eric Rose, Director

Symphonic Band, Groves MS, Port Neches-Groves ISD
Martin Trammel, Director

Symphonic Band, Little Cypress JH, Little Cypress-Mauriceville ISD
Jose Ochoa, Director

Varsity, Lumberton MS, Lumberton ISD
Noelle Maldonado, Director

Odom Academy Elite Band, Odom MS, Beaumont ISD
Marcus Goodlow, Director

Port Neches MS Symphonic Band, Port Neches MS, Port Neches-Groves ISD
Matthew LeBlanc, Director

Region 17
Region 17 Hearing: Tuesday, June 9, 2015, Pearland JH East
Class 5A
Santa Fe Concert Band, Santa Fe HS, Santa Fe ISD
Matthew Raines, Director

WInd Ensemble, Texas City HS, Texas City ISD
Brian Moreno, Director

Class 3C
Wind Ensemble, Angleton JH, Angleton ISD
Julie Jezek, Director

Honors Band, Berry Miller JH, Pearland ISD
Chris Bennett, Director

Symphonic Band, Clear Lake IS, Clear Creek ISD
Teri Brockway, Director

Symphonic Band, Friendswood JH, Friendswood ISD
Sarah Bennett, Director

Symphonic Band, Lake Jackson IS, Brazosport ISD
Jason Connell, Director

Honors Band, McAdams JH, Dickinson ISD
John Hinojosa, Director

Symphonic Band I, Nolan Ryan JH, Alvin ISD
Joshua Mooney, Director

PJH-East Honors Band, Pearland East JH, Pearland ISD
Priscilla Bell, Director

Pearland JH South Honors Band, Pearland JH South, Pearland ISD
Brandon Linder, Director

Honors Band, Pearland JH West, Pearland ISD
Meredith Bates Bishop, Director

Symphonic Band, Space Center IS, Clear Creek ISD
Donald McCandless, Director

Band, Westbrook MS, Clear Creek ISD
Keith Raney, Director

Class 2C
Symphonic Band, Alvin JH, Alvin ISD
Kyle Norman, Director

Symphonic Band, Bayside IS, Clear Creek ISD
Kyle Mapp, Director

Band, Brookside IS, Clear Creek ISD
Andie Troutman, Director

Symphonic Band, Clear Creek IS, Clear Creek ISD
Melissa Hargrave, Director

Creekside Symphonic Band, Creekside IS, Clear Creek ISD
Archie Cassidy, Director

Symphonic Band I, Harby JH, Alvin ISD
Kristi Bell, Director

Band, League City MS, Clear Creek ISD
Rick Brockway, Director

Region 19
Region 19 Hearing: Friday, June 12, 2015, North Shore Senior HS
Class 5A
Barbers Hill Wind Ensemble, Barbers Hill HS, Barbers Hill ISD
Kevin Stone, Director

Crosby High School Symphonic Band, Crosby HS, Crosby ISD
Kevin Knight, Director

Class 3C
Honors Band, Creekwood MS, Humble ISD
Missy DeSpain Allen, Director

Symphonic Band, Lewis MS, Aldine ISD
Jeff Tienor, Director

Class 2C
Barbers Hill MS South Symphonic Band, Barbers Hill MS South, Barbers Hill ISD
Jaime Yim-Talbert, Director

Symphonic Honor Band, Queens IS, Pasadena ISD
Ken Fanti, Director

Region 23
Region 23 Hearing: Tuesday, June 9, 2015, Mayde Creek HS
Class 5A
Wind Ensemble, Waltrip HS, Houston ISD
Jesse Espinosa, Director

Class 3C
Beck JH Symphonic Band, Beck JH, Katy ISD
Brenden Steber, Director

Honor Band, Beckendorff JH, Katy ISD
Susan Steber, Director

Honors Band, Cinco Ranch JH, Katy ISD
Rory Davis, Director

Honors Band, McDonald JH, Katy ISD
Joe Young, Director

Symphonic Band, McMeans JH, Katy ISD
George Liverman, Director

Area: A | B | C | D | E | F | G

Area G Hearing: Friday, June 26, 2015, Canyon HS, New Braunfels; Jason Adam, Host
Region 13
Region 13 Hearing: Tuesday, June 9, 2015, Dulles MS
Class 5A
Honors Wind Ensemble, Bush HS, Fort Bend ISD
Frank Salinas, Director

Foster HS Wind Ensemble, Foster HS, Lamar ISD
Erich Sonnier, Director

Wind Symphony, George Ranch HS, Lamar ISD
Daren Jordan, Director

Lamar CHS Wind Ensemble, Lamar Consolidated HS, Lamar ISD
Jason Levin, Director

Symphonic Winds, Ridge Point HS, Fort Bend ISD
Michael Barnes, Director

Terry HS Symphony Winds, Terry HS, Lamar ISD
Tim Taylor, Director

Class 3A
Golden Cobra Band, Industrial HS, Industrial ISD
Houston Cummings, Director

Class 3C
Honor Band, Dulles MS, Fort Bend ISD
Michael Roberts, Director

First Colony MS Band, First Colony MS, Fort Bend ISD
Bethann Adams, Director

Honors Band, Fort Settlement MS, Fort Bend ISD
Greg Countryman, Director

Honor Band, Lamar JH, Lamar ISD
John Barton, Director

Wind Ensemble, Sartartia MS, Fort Bend ISD
Julieanne Amos, Director

Honors Band, Sugar Land MS, Fort Bend ISD
Kyle Baragas, Director

Class 2C
Symphonic Band, Freeport IS, Brazosport ISD
Linda Crummel, Director

Symphonic Band, Needville JH, Needville ISD
Lance Finley, Director

Region 14
Region 14 Hearing: Thursday, June 11, 2015, Gregory Portland HS
Class 5A
Alice High School Honors Band, Alice HS, Alice ISD
Arnold Garza, Director

Calallen HS Wind Ensemble, Calallen HS, Calallen ISD
Craig Ewing, Director

Flour Bluff Wind Ensemble, Flour Bluff HS, Flour Bluff ISD
Victor Lara, Director

Gregory-Portland Symphonic Winds, Gregory-Portland HS, Gregory-Portland ISD
Chuck Young, Director

Wind Ensemble, Martin HS, Laredo ISD
Roberto Castro, Director

Wind Ensemble, Victoria East HS, Victoria ISD
David Edge, Director

Class 3A
Falfurrias HS Band, Falfurrias HS, Brooks County ISD
Alfonso Saenz, Director

Mighty Mathis Pirate Band, Mathis HS, Mathis ISD
Charles Cabrera, Director

Wind Ensemble, Odem HS, Odem-Edroy ISD
Steven Rash, Director

Class 3C
Honors Band, Adams MS, Alice ISD
Deborah Salinas, Director

Symphonic Band, Baker MS, Corpus Christi ISD
Stephen Maldonado, Director

Flour Bluff Junior High Honors Band, Flour Bluff JH, Flour Bluff ISD
David Burnett, Director

Honors Band, Trautmann MS, United ISD
Jorge Garcia, Director

Wind Ensemble, United MS, United ISD
Hiram Gonzales, Director

Class 2C
Honor Band, Calallen MS, Calallen ISD
Glenn Herbst, Director

Clark Middle School Band, Clark MS, United ISD
Gilbert Cuellar, Director

Honors Band, Memorial MS, Kingsville ISD
Raymond Mendez, Director

Region 15
Region 15 Hearing: Thursday, June 11, 2015, Edinburg HS
Class 5A
RGC HS Honors Band, Rio Grande City HS, Rio Grande City ISD
Rodolfo Barrera, Director

Honors Band, Robert Vela HS, Edinburg ISD
Carlos Garcia, Director

Roma HS Symphonic Winds, Roma HS, Roma ISD
Dena Laurel, Director

Band, Veterans Memorial HS, Mission ISD
Trey Wilkins, Director

Class 3C
Honor Band, Gray JH, Sharyland ISD
Cathi Quick, Director

Honors Band, Sharyland North JH, Sharyland ISD
Robert McDaniel, Director

Class 2C
Barrera MS Symphonic Winds, Barrera MS, Roma ISD
Lizardo Hinojosa, Director

Honor Band, Grulla MS, Rio Grande City ISD
Jose Flores, Director

Longoria Honor Band, Longoria MS, Edinburg ISD
Joe Garcia, Director

Ringgold Middle School Honor Band, Ringgold MS, Rio Grande City ISD
Eric Garza, Director

Roma Middle School Symphonic Winds, Roma MS, Roma ISD
Corey Graves, Director

Veterans Middle School Honor Band, Veterans MS, Rio Grande City ISD
Raymond Alanis, Director

Region 28
Region 28 Hearing: Thursday, June 11, 2015, Harlingen CISD Performing Arts Center (Blue Room)
Class 5A
Wind Ensemble, Donna North HS, Donna ISD
Adrian Robledo, Director

Mercedes Wind Ensemble, Mercedes HS, Mercedes ISD
William McKinney, Director

Wind Ensemble, Pace HS, Brownsville ISD
Ricardo Hernandez, Director

Honors Winds, Porter HS, Brownsville ISD
Juan Rodriguez, Director

Class 3C
Lucio Honors Band, Lucio MS, Brownsville ISD
Emiliano Camarillo, Director

Symphonic Band, Oliveira MS, Brownsville ISD
Gaspar Garcia, Director

Class 2C
Besteiro MS Symphonic Band, Besteiro MS, Brownsville ISD
Lydia Trevino, Director

Symphonic Band, Faulk MS, Brownsville ISD
Jose Chaidez, Director

Liberty Memorial Honor Band, Liberty Memorial MS, Los Fresnos ISD
Brian Kuntz, Director

Honor Band, Los Cuates MS, Los Fresnos ISD
Criselda Marroquin-Morrell, Director

Symphonic Band, Manzano MS, Brownsville ISD
Ernest Cantu, Director

Memorial Raider Symphonic Band, Memorial MS, Harlingen ISD
James Keltner, Director

Vela MS Honors Band, Moises V. Vela MS, Harlingen ISD
Estella Monasmith, Director

Sauceda MS Symphonic Band, Sauceda MS, Donna ISD
Gustavo Villegas, Director

Stillman MS Honors Band, Stillman MS, Brownsville ISD
Michael Corcoran, Director

Vernon Symphonic Band, Vernon MS, Harlingen ISD
Keith DiSantis, Director